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Practical Use of iPad

iPadNow that iPad is out and attracting gazillion attentions, analysts still remain perplexed on what iPad can be best used for other than browsing internet, playing games, and watching digital movies – things which most people are doing anyway on their smartphones, netbooks, and PCs.

Like most people, I’m very excited with iPad for its natural experience. Being able to touch a link on a website or slide your finger across to get those small apps activated has its own fun.  But to tell you the truth, this whole thing with touch will wear off quicker than anyone can expect.  Touch capability is really not a new concept, and Apple is certainly not the first to come up with it.  In fact, we’ll witness other touch devices being launched in upcoming months which will be much better than iPad in terms of features and value for money.  Android-based touch device has been gaining media attentions lately.  Microsoft has shown their own version of what a tablet should look and function, called Courier, which by itself is already creating a big buzz in media.   So, if you cut through all the gimmicky clutters, has anyone figured out what this multi-touch tablet is really good for?

I’ve put together a list of conventional uses of iPad as compared to its predecessors:

Ipad Uses

Ok, I’ve stretched it a little bit, but it does make sense, doesn’t it? 🙂

Here are a few examples of practical uses of iPad:

  1. Classroom potentials
  2. Convenient meeting device
  3. Improve patient care
  4. Creative designs on the Go
  5. Car manual
  6. Digital Cookbook

I’ll add more on the list as I come across new ones.

  1. February 27, 2013 at 2:09 am

    This is just perfect 🙂 Thanks for putting this out there

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